First blog post

  • Where is the living in the living wage? I have started this post as it empacts every aspect of our lives. While government and councils make constant demands on our purses and wallets which are in recession, judging by the few spondoolies ! we have left in them!



One thought on “First blog post”

  1. So Teresa May stood up in the house commons to say she was the determination of Liverpool together to the truth of hillsborough, the Gaul of that woman who speaks with a backdrop of mysteriously missing papers at the home office in the Westminster child a abuse issue and the Lord Jenner debacle and now the protection of the state and corporates to hide the truth from two parents who lost their son in the floods from toxic poisoning.
    If the law does not respect itself then how on earth do you expect the public to.
    The law apart from those who do go into it for the right reasons is at risk of crumbling as cases for misconduct by these security guards of bad behaviour by these large government bodies ie the legal aid board and hse?
    is challenged.
    Not in the public interest,
    this statement makes law and order corrupt and defunct !!!!!


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